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Mahatma Gandhi | Biography quotes Achievements and journey of freedom | NEXT DIMENTION

Mahatma Gandhi | Biography quotes Achievements and journey of freedom Mahatma Gandhi also known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was the leader of Indian independence movement. Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 to a a Hindu Modh Bania family in Porbandar, in British India empire. His father name was Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi and his mother’s name was Putlibai Gandhi. His father served as the Diwan of Porbandar state. Mohandas had two elder half sister and elder siblings. In his childhood he grew up as to be a very shy child. At school Mohandas was not a brilliant student.  He wed Kasturibai Makhanji Kapadia in an arranged marriage in May 1883. He was 13 years old and Kasturibai was 14 years old at the time of their marriage. They had 4 children. At the age of 19, Gandhi went to England at 1888, to become a lawyer. After returning from South Africa to India in 1891, he began to practice law in Bombay. Then he went to south africa to work at a law firm. There he witnessed rampant a
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Who is Nelson Mandela? | A long journey for racism | NEXT DIMENTION

Who is Nelson Mandela? A long journey for racism Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 to the royal family of the Thambu tribal , Mvezo  British south Africa. His father’s name was Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa and his mother’s name was  Noqaphi Nosekeni and his original name was Rollo Lola and he got the name Nelson Mandela from a teacher at the age of seven. He was a hard working student and would go on become a law major at the University of fort Hare and University of  Witwatersrand afterward he become a lawyer in Johannesburg during which he introduced himself to anti colonial and  African nationalist movements.  In 1943 Mandela joined the ANC, African National Congress party and co-founder it’s youth League in 1944. After the establishment of apartheid a system that promoted white supremacy and suppression of black people ANC's members including Mandela made it their life mission to overthrow this injustice. Mandela rose to the rank of President of ANC's Transverse brunch re

Who is Jawaharlal Nehru? | Education Wife Mother Father | NEXT DIMENTION

Who is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru? How great he was? Jawaharlal awaharlal Nehru was the first Primer minister of India. He was born in Allahabad, United provinces, British Raj. Present day on Uttar Pradesh on 14 November 1889. His father name was Motilal Nehru and mother’s name was Swarup Rani Thussa. His father was a politician and Indian lawyer. His mother was Motilal's second wife. He was the first of the three children of her parents. Nehru received most of his primary education at home with the help of several tutors and governess. At the age of 16 Nehru was enrolled at the Harrow school in England. Then he got admission at Trinity College, Cambridge. After attaining his graduate degree, Nehru enrolled himself at the inns of court school of law in 1910 and studied law. In two years he passed his bar examination and offered to be admitted to the English bar. Nehru returned to his homeland in 1912 and started practicing law as a barrister at the Allahabad High court. He married Kam

How Great is Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?|A complete tale of Maratha Empire aginst Mughal | NEXT DIMENTION

How Great is Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?|A complete tale of Maratha Empire aginst Mughal The year is 1627 AD and almost all of Bharat is islamic occupation. In the North, there are the Mughals under Shah Jahan, In Bijapur, there is sultan Mohammad Adli Shah. And in Golconda, Sultan Abdulla Qutub Shah. The Deccan sultans always preferred to have Muslim officers in the army. But the Portuguese controlled ports and Mughals controlled the land routes. That’s why it was not possible to get Muslim officers from North Africa or central Asia. So the sultans of Deccan were forced to appoint Hindu officers. One such Adil Shahi  military commander was a Maratha named Shahaji Bhosale. Shahi was a top General in the Adil Shahi empire. In 1630 AD in the fort of Shuvneri near junnar in present day Maharashtra, a son was born to Sahajo and Jijabai. The son named after the local deity Shivai would grow up to be Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji's father was always away in his childhood, so his tw

Ten wonderful facts about our planet you’ve never heard before | NEXT DIMENSION

Ten wonderful facts about our planet you’ve never heard before We think we know everything bout our home planet, but we couldn’t be more wrong scientists have already discovered a lot about the Universe, but they believe there is still much more to learn about our planet. Did you know that the moon was once part of earth? 1. Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world Hawaiian Mauna kea has an altitude of 13,795 feet above sea level. However, the biggest part of the volcano rests below sea level. So, if measured from the base to the summit, Mauna kea is 33,475 feet high, which is 4445 feet taller than Mount Everest. 2. Neighbouring states can have a twenty four hour time difference Despite the fact that America Samoa is only 1,240 miles away from, the line island that form part of Kiribati, the time difference between the two neighbours is 25 hours. 3. The most dry place on Earth is located in Antarctica It’s commonly believed that the dries place on Earth is the Atacama des

Mercury planet| Space research on Mercury. Untold facts of Mercury | NEXT DIMENSION

Mercury planet| Space research on Mercury. Untold facts of Mercury The planet Mercury is named after the messenger of the Roman gods, because even the ancient could see how Swift and fleeting it is in the sky. But it wasn’t until recently that scientists began unravelling Mercury’s many mysteries.  Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. It’s diameter currently measures just over 3000 miles, about the size of the continental United States. Like earth Mercury is a terrestrial planet with three main layer, a core, a mantel, and a crust. Only Mercury’s crust has no tectonic plates. Also it’s iron core is enormous by comparison, making up 85% of its radius, while Earth’s inner outer core account for just 55%. Because of the core's exceptional size, it’s has a surprising influence on Mercury’s overall size, by causing it to shrink. The hot iron core has slowly cooler and contracted over the planet 4.5 billion years. In doing so it pulled Mercury’s surface inward, and has cau

Recent study says the Earth is probably not our original home | NEXT DIMENSION

Recent study says the Earth is probably not our original home From the formation of the solar system until the day Earth’s story from stardust a vibrant world is both extremely long and very exciting and one of the most fascinating things that ever happened on it’s surface was the appearance of Life. The solar system is nearly 5 billion years old it began when the sun formed from gas dust that rotated toward a central point eventually turning into a celestial body which could generate energy on it’s own a star. The remaining stardust became the stars eight planet and as far as we know only on of them has life on it . The origins of life on earth are still not 100% proven to this day, two sources of doubt are the tar paradox and the water paradox. The tar paradox says organic elements combined with energy from the sun or geothermal heat are not enough to form anything except asphalt. Something else has to kick start the creation of the first organic molecules. We’re all taught that life