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God Particle | At last scientists have found God particle. Is it really related to God?

At last scientists have found God particle. Is it really related to God?

God particle which is also known as Higgs boson's story starts from the question of mass. So first we will see what is mass?. If we say technically it is a measurement of inertia of a body. In other wards if a body is in static or dynamic phase and anyone wants to change its phase he/she will fill a resistance, this resistance is called mass. If you didn’t understand mass yet, let’s see an another example. We know that any thing which doesn’t have mass, travels in vacuum with the speed of light such as photon. Or we can say which travels at the speed of light in vacuum doesn’t possess any mass. Before going forward you have to make it clear that mass and weight are not same thing. In case of weight there is a contribution of gravity. That’s why mass of a any certain thing is always same in every part of this universe but it’s weight may increase or decrease depending on the different gravity of the planet. We know that every thing in this universe possess some mass. But if I ask you where from this mass comes? You would say from its constituent particles, but if we see in quantum level we will see it’s all of Lepton and quarks. 

It means nothing is more smaller than quark and Lepton and it should be completely massless, but it isn’t true. Because we all know electron has some mass. Now the question is where from this mass comes?. What is it in this universe which gives mass to everything. But the question is then why the photons doesn’t have mass?. In late 1960 physicist made an mathematical equations to understand the behaviour of elementary particles. But the this equation made them more confuse. When they assume that every particle is massless the equation become too simple, and the assumption came out of this seems too real. But in the other hand when they assume mass then the same equation become too complex. Scientist couldn’t understand why is it happening?. Then Peter Higgs gave an theory of Higgs field and Higgs particle. Let’s understand what is this theory..

As we know there is no particles in this universe it’s all the fields. We can’t see it but can feel it everywhere like gravitational field, electron field, magnetic field, Higgs field, quark field etc. Particles are created when energy is given and destroyed when extracted. Such if energy is given in electron field then electron, quark is created when energy is given in quark field etc Peter Higgs said highs field  same field electron and other fields. He said  every particle like photons are massless. It is the Higgs field which gives mass to everything. Before entering Higgs field every particles are massless. After entering the field which material interact more with the field that material gained  more mass. Because photon interact less with the field it possess less mass. 

In 1964 Peter Higgs gives an mathematical equation of it. But only with the equation nobody was ready to believe. Then the large hadron collider was made to prove it experimentally. Peter Higgs said if we would able to collided two particles in space it would surely give an effect in the Higgs field. And then we could say there is a Higgs boson particle. The day was 4 July 2012 CERN conformed that they have found Higgs boson particle. This discovery made Pitter Higgs right and he was honoured by Nobel prize at 2013. Now let’s understand why this is called God Particle, most of us think that it is related to God. You will be amazed to know it isn’t right, it was named after. In the early 1900  the name was God damm particle, but the publisher didn’t like title so he decided to change the into God particle. After that media make it so viral that everyone started calling it god particle other than Higgs boson. Without Higgs field there would be no mass ,no particles , nothing because everything would travels at the speed of light.

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